Cross Cutting Groups (CCGs)

The Network Cross Cutting Groups (CCG) are chaired by clinicians and health care professionals from across the Anglia Cancer Network, and provide leadership for the specific cross cutting function.

The CCGs play a vital role in shaping cancer services and assuring the quality of services across the AngCN. The CCGs develop, agree and regularly review a Work Programme, which contains an annual programme of work and sets goals for the next 12 months for the CCG, an Annual Report, which details the achievements made over the past financial year, and a Constitution which identifies membership, terms of reference and scope of service of the CCG.

A three year Service Delivery Plan is also incorporated into the CCG Work Programme which takes a broader look at cancer services within the Anglia Cancer Network, with a focus on delivering the Cancer Reform Strategy, 2012 visions and more long term developments and improvements in cancer services.

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