Patient Information Prescription Service

An important part of delivering the National Cancer Reform Strategy is to ensure that all cancer patients and their carers have access to high quality patient information, which is tailored to their needs and available at key stages of their cancer journey.

Anglia Cancer Network (AngCN) was one of 12 Networks taking part in the initial pilot phase back in 2009, testing the National Cancer Patient Information Delivery System (NCPIDS) or Patient Information Prescriptions. This had been developed in partnership with the National Cancer Action Team, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Macmillan Cancer Support (MCS).

Mainstream implementation of the Information Prescriptions Service (IPS) is now taking place Nationally and within our Network a project manager is working closely with all ten of our acute Hospital Trusts to ensure that they improve the way in which they deliver information to their patients and start to provide tailored information in the form of a Prescription.

For further information please contact:

Tonia Dawson, Nurse Director or phone 01638 558580

  Patient Information Prescription Service  
  Patient Information Prescription Strategy (AngCN-S15_v1.pdf) (254kb)
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