Organisational development

In November 2012, the NHS Commissioning Board published the "Single Operating Framework for Strategic Clinical Networks".  This describes how Anglia Cancer Network will form part of the Strategic Clinical Network and will be hosted by the NHS Commissioning Board from April 2013.

In July 2012, as part of the reforms within the NHS, the NHS Commissioning Board produced a paper “The Way forward: Strategic Clinical Networks”.
This describes how the successes of the current clinical networks will be built upon in order to ensure that the NHS Commissioning Board and Clinical Commissioning groups have access to a broad range of expert clinical input to support and inform their decisions about the way care for local populations is planned and delivered. This will include the creation of strategic clinical networks (including cancer) which will be supported by geographically based support hubs.

The Network will continue delivering its existing work programme to April 2013.  Clearly a key priority will be to develop a plan which will ensure a smooth transition to the new arrangements. However, there are additional tasks that need to be undertaken in order to support the network in improving outcomes for patients. These include: 

  • Enhancing the working of our specialist multi-disciplinary teams by improving our videoconferencing arrangements.  See project implementation audit report 


  • Enhancing the working of our MDTs by running MDT Skills Development events


  • Supporting commissioners to identify their priorities for the 2013/14 commissioning cycle


  • Improving the information and analytical support to the network


  • Implementing our research strategy across the network


  • Ensuring that the network is managed within a robust governance framework