Reducing premature mortality

Reducing premature mortality is a key goal of the NHS outcomes framework. One-year and five-year cancer survival rates are recognised nationally as improvement areas.

We have a number of initiatives to reduce premature mortality as detailed below:

Awareness and early diagnosis
The UK has one year survival rates below that of many other European countries.  Much of the gap is thought to be due to awareness and early diagnosis.

  • Cancer awareness campaigns
  • Improving access to diagnostic tests
  • Supporting Primary Care

Improving Outcomes Guidance (IOG)

Reducing early death from cancer has always been the driver behind IOGs, which are published by NICE. New guidance is being delivered in five key areas: 

  • Cancer of unknown primary (CUP)
  • Haematopathology
  • Liver metastases
  • Metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC)
  • Teenagers and Young Adults (TYA)

The network will work in tandem with stakeholders and partner organisations to ensure this guidance is rolled out appropriately and rigorously, to the benefit of patients.

Recurrent disease
A final area where there is potential for preventing premature death is the treatment of recurrent disease. The network will undertake a scoping exercise to consider the precise needs of this particular group of patients.