Awareness and Early Diagnosis

Detecting cancer early makes it more treatable.  We are running a number of campaigns to improve people's awareness of cancer symptoms and the importance of seeing their doctor promptly.  We are also working with doctors, pharmacists and frontline staff to help them refer patients appropriately and diagnose cancer earlier.

Our population has survival rates that are better than the national average but are still below the best survival rates in Europe. By increasing our rates to those of the best in Europe, we aim to save 550 lives a year in Anglia.

Cancer awareness campaigns

We are using ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ awareness raising campaigns to improve the public’s awareness of potential cancer symptoms and prompt them to see their doctor. The key message of these campaigns is that cancer caught early is more treatable.  The links below are to campaigns that are due to be or have been run within Anglia.

Current and upcoming campaigns


Be Clear on bowel cancer

Be Clear on lung cancer

Be Clear on oesophago-gastric cancer

Past campaigns


Cancer awareness champions

To help raise awareness we are recruiting and training ‘cancer awareness champions’ to take key messages into their local communities. Further details of this work is hosted in the Patient and Carers section of our site.


Supporting Primary Care 

We are working with primary care to improve awareness and early diagnosis.  Further details are hosted in the Primary Care area of our site.

Awareness and early diagnosis evidence base

To better understand how aware the public are of cancer symptoms and the importance of seeing their doctor we survey sample populations using Cancer Awareness Measures (CAM) surveys. The results of these surveys are used to see if awareness is improving and whether awareness campaigns are having an impact.

We are also collecting information on the number of cancers diagnosed, and how advanced the cancer is to see if more cancers are being diagnosed earlier.  Evaluation reports from past campaigns can be found in the links above.

  Anglia Cancer Awareness Measures (CAM) Survey (CAM_Survey_AngliaRpt_180110.pdf) (735.2kb)
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