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Be Clear on Bowel Cancer

Be Clear on Bowel Cancer aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of blood in your poo or looser poo for three weeks. These could be signs of bowel cancer. Finding cancer early can make it more treatable and could save your life.

There are almost 2,000 new cases of bowel cancer annually in Anglia. It is important that you see your doctor straight away if you have these symptoms.  You are not wasting anyone’s time by getting your symptoms checked. If it’s nothing to worry about, your mind will be put at rest. But if it is bowel cancer, early detection makes it easier to treat. Seeing your doctor without delay may save your life.

There have been three Be Clear on Bowel Cancer campaigns in this region.  The Department of Health piloted the Be Clear on Cancer approach to raising awareness in this region in Spring 2011.  The campaign was rolled out nationally in Spring 2012 and repeated in late Summer 2012.

Find out more about these symptoms

More information can be found about these symptoms on the Department of Health’s website nhschoices/bowelcancer

How can you help?

You can talk about the symptoms highlighted in this campaign with friends and family, particularly if they are aged over 55. You may also want to talk to our cancer awareness champions about their work taking the key messages direct to local communities and help identify relevant groups for them to talk to.

Information for healthcare professionals

Prior to each Be Clear on Cancer campaign we send a campaign pack to all GP practices and pharmacies in the region.  The pack includes posters, leaflets and symptom cards to display. The Department of Health briefing sheet suggests that GPs should continue to use clinical judgement and existing referral guidance when deciding how to manage patients that present as a result of the campaign.  Relevant guidance and decision making aids are included in the pack.

We ask that you engage patients and customers in the materials.  If you would like more copies of the materials, or have any questions about the campaign, please get in contact.


An evaluation report showing the results of the Spring 2011 pilot campaign carried out in this region is available on the Department of Health’s website.  

Further details

Further details about this and other Be Clear on Cancer campaigns are available on the national Be Clear on Cancer campaign website.  This includes:
  • Background to the campaign including the evidence base
  • Information for pharmacists and pharmacy teams
  • Information for GPs and practice teams
  • Links to electronic copies of the Be Clear on Cancer materials