Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Campaign

Anglia Cancer Network ran a major health campaign across the region in summer 2011. We aimed to help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast, bowel and lung cancer and to encourage people to see their GP as soon as they spot a possible symptom. The campaign was launched by Andrew Lansley, the Secretary of State for Health in May and ran until the end of September 2011.

There are over 5,000 new cases of breast, bowel and lung cancer diagnosed in Anglia every year. Nearly half of these cancers are diagnosed at a late stage when treatment options are more limited. People over 50 are most at risk and it is this age group that we are targeting with Be Clear on Cancer campaign.

The Be Clear on Cancer campaign saw a series of roadshow-style events hit town centres, along with visits to popular region-wide and local events featuring live music performances. There was also a news in the local media accompanied by a poster campaign.

Our work to improve awareness of cancer symptoms continues and we still need your help to ensure people are familiar with cancer symptoms and know the importance of presenting early to their GP. We will be carrying out further campaigns and will look to learn any lessons from this campaign. An evaluation report showing how successful the campaign was in achieving its aims is available below.

The Ballad of Bob and Sue

Getting people to talk about symptoms relevant to breast, bowel and lung cancer is not easy. That is why as part of this campaign we developed two videos that can be used to get the campaign messages across in an innovative way. These can be viewed below or on the Anglia Cancer Network YouTube channel.


An evaluation report for the campaign is linked below.  It was carried out by an independent research company SMR, and looked at the public's recall of the campaign and changes in awareness of the symptoms the campaign highlighted.  The campaign evaluated positively with a significant increase in people that recognised relevant cancer symptoms. 

The PR agencies the network worked with during the campaign, Kindred and Grayling, produced an activity report that details what happend during the campaign in each PCT.

  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Activity Report (AngCNkindredgrayRpt.pdf) (2.1mb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Anglia (SMRAngCNRptAngCN.pdf) (808.9kb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Bedfordshire (SMRAngCNRptBed.pdf) (133.7kb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Cambridgeshire (SMRAngCNRptCam.pdf) (133.9kb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Great Yarmouth and Waveney (SMRAngCNRptGrtYr.pdf) (134.1kb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Norwich (SMRAngCNRptNor.pdf) (133.3kb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Peterborough (SMRAngCNRptPte.pdf) (133kb)
  Be Clear on Cancer in Anglia Evaluation: Suffolk (SMRAngCNRptSuff.pdf) (133.2kb)
Filmed as part of the campaign, Anglia cancer patients talk about the importance of going to see your doctor if you are concerned you may have potential cancer symptoms.

Talking about some cancer symptoms can be difficult.  The video below helps raise awareness of the symptoms of bowel, breast and lung cancer in a fun and innovative way.