Be Clear on Oesophago-gastric Cancer

The Be Clear on Oesophago-gastric Cancer campaign aims to raise awareness of difficulty swallowing food, indigestion or heartburn for three weeks. These are symptoms of oesophago-gastric cancers. Catching cancer early can make it more treatable.

There are almost 700 new cases of cancer of the oesophagus (food pipe) and stomach annually in Anglia. It is important that you see your doctor straight away if you have these symptoms.

You are not wasting anyone’s time by getting your symptoms checked. If it’s nothing to worry about, your mind will be put at rest. But if it is cancer of the stomach or oesophagus, early detection makes it easier to treat. Seeing your doctor without delay may save your life.

Find out more about these symptoms

More information can be found about these symptoms on the Department for Health’s website nhschoices/og

What will you see, and where will you see it?

The Network piloted the Be Clear on Cancer approach to raising awareness of cancer symptoms for oespohago-gastric cancer in May to July 2012.  The Network worked with a local PR company (GenesisPR) to get the messages accross to as many of the target audience as possible.  The campaign featured adverts on radio, in local papers and on the side of buses. We also generated many stories in the local press using local patient case studies and input from local healthcare professionals. Subject to successful evaluation the campaign may be repeated.  Further details about the national campaign materials are linked below.  


A campaign summary report and evaluation report are linked to the right.  The evaluation report demonstrates the campaign resulted in a significant rise in the public's recognition of oesophago-gastric cancer symptoms.

One of the highlights of the campaign was a feature on Anglia TV news which highlighted the work of two of our cancer awareness champions who are using their experience of oesophago-gastric cancer to increase awareness of key symptoms.


How can you help?

Although the current campaign has finished you can still help by talking about the symptoms highlighted in this campaign with friends and family, particularly if they are aged over 55. You may also want to talk to our cancer awareness champions about their work taking the key messages direct to local communities and help identify relevant groups for them to talk to.

Information for GPs and practice teams

During the campaign we sent a factsheet, posters, leaflets and symptom cards to your practice to put up in waiting rooms. If you would like more copies or have questions please get in contact.

Information for pharmacists and pharmacy teams

During the campaign we sent a factsheet for pharmacists and their teams, posters, leaflets and symtpom cards. We funded an e-learning module to help you engage customers that may have oesophago-gastric cancer symptoms.

We have sent posters, leaflets and symptom cards to your pharmacy to put up in waiting rooms. Although the campaign is over, we are still able to restock your Be Clear on Cancer stand with materials.

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