Cancer Awareness Champions


What’s involved?

Anyone can talk to friends and loved ones about the messages within cancer awareness campaigns. As a Cancer Awareness Champion, you will:

  • Be happy to talk to individuals, community or business groups about common cancers
  • Be part of a support group of other champions for help and guidance
  • Be willing to attend training sessions as needed


Our volunteer Cancer awareness champions are using the simple messages within the national Be Clear on Cancer campaigns to help raise awareness of common cancer symptoms.  You do not need to be a healthcare professional, just someone that feels able to communicate the core messages in the provided leaflets and encourage people to see their doctor if they have specific concerns.  We know that people are most likely to act if they hear such messages coming directly from someone they can relate to.  Our recruitment of champions is part of the Network's work to improve cancer awareness and early diagnosis.   

What have the champions been doing?

Cancer awareness champions are in the early days of going out to talk to their communities but already they've had some great success using their own personal networks to get the messages heard.  Our Bedford group have attended the Bedford river festival giving out the leaflets and engaging people in conversations about the importance of being aware of cancer symptoms and going to see your doctor if you have concerns.  Our Cambridge group have spent a week in Cambridge City Council talking to both staff and people coming in to get their housing benefit, pay council tax, parking permits etc.  Other groups have been out talking to sports clubs and community groups.

Interested in getting involved?

Groups of cancer awareness champions have been trained and set up in each of the following areas:

  • Bedford
  • Cambridge
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Ipswich
  • King’s Lynn
  • Norwich
  • Peterborough


If you would like to be put in contact with your nearest group, or are interested in starting your own group, please call 01638 558580 or email for further information.