National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 

What is it?

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES) is an annual survey looking at cancer patients' experience of their care at different hospital Trusts around the country. There was a survey conducted in 2010/11 and a second survey published in July 2012. This 2012 survey reviews data collected from 158 Trusts around the country, including from the ten Trusts in the Anglia region. Surveys are sent out to patients identified by their cancer diagnosis 'code' at each hospital. At present it is only sent to patients with a primary diagnosis of cancer.
The survey poses around 70 questions on patients' experience of their cancer treatment. These can range from whether they were told the name of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in charge of their care, to whether they received enough information about their treatment. Results are then compared by individual Trust and by tumour site (i.e. breast, lung, urological etc). A 'traffic-light' colour-coded system is used for ease of comparison. For example a result shaded red means the Trust is in the bottom 20% in the country on that question, amber is the middle 60% and green is the top 20%.

The results for Trusts in the Anglia region can be found on the website Go to 'patient surveys' in the top navigation bar and click on the survey you require. Anglia can be found under the heading East of England

What does the Network do with the results?

The data from the NCPES is extremely valuable both to the Network and to the Trusts. It gives a clear indication of whether patients are experiencing good standards of care. Areas of good practice can be noted along with areas for improvement. The Government has already committed to doing another survey in 2013, and the annual nature of the results means that it is easy to see where Trusts are making improvements year-on-year.

The Network reviews all the data as soon as the survey is released, and a full report on the findings is made to the next Network Board. It also develops its own 'tartan rug' to display overall results in an easy-to-read format. Alongside this the survey is reviewed by the Network Patient Partnership Group, and members are asked to look at the results for their Trusts at locality area meetings. The Network Lead Nurses group discusses the findings, and other reviews are done of specific questions, for example by the Survivorship and Patient Information Leads.

The ten Trusts devise their own action plans around the findings of the survey, and the Network Patient Partnership Group is further involved in a review of these action plans with a paper to the Network Board outlining its findings. 
Results from the NCPES survey are used, along with other data, to inform a Baseline Mapping of patient experience across the Anglia region. This can be found under Patient Partnership Group - Audit.