Patient and carer involvement

What is patient and carer involvement?

Patient and carer involvement is sometimes known as ‘user involvement’ as the patients and carers, their families and friends, are the ‘users’ of cancer services.

Put simply, it is about involving patients and carers in the planning and delivery of cancer services. This helps to put their needs at the centre of every service, whether that’s at a hospital, with the GP or in the community.

User involvement can also help to hold health services to account: for example if a particular service isn’t meeting patients’ needs, why should the NHS be paying for it?

Involvement can operate at many levels, from patients calling for fairer car parking charges to large-scale consultations on the broad direction of national policy and health spending – such as the campaign that led to the abolition of prescription charges for cancer patients in England.

User involvement is NOT about complaining

Patient involvement is not about individual complaints - unless these are likely to be indicative of broader problems. Patients with specific complaints about their care should contact their local PALs (Patient Advice and Liaison service)

How do I get involved?

Patient and carer involvement is at the hub of everything we do at Anglia Cancer Network. We have many patients and carers who give up their time to work with us on service improvement and their input is invaluable. We are always looking for interested individuals to join us.

If you would like to know more please contact Justine Thompson, Patient and User Group Facilitator on , or see the menu items on the top lefthand-side