Referral guidelines 

Two Week Wait proformas are a national requirement when referring patients with suspected cancer.  Guidelines and pathways are available below.  The Network has also provided a set of resources to help Primary Care diagnose and manage patients with, or suspected of having, cancer. 

Urgent GP referral for suspected Cancer

NICE 2 week wait referral guidelines for suspected cancer were published in 2005. The guidelines are currently subject to review and are expected to be updated in March 2014.  Further information is available from NICE.

Direct access to diagnostics

Department of Health published direct access to diagnostics guidance in April 2012. This provides guidance on direct referral by GPs to specific diagnostic tests where cancer may be suspected but the urgent GP referral process is not applicable.

Macmillan rapid referral guidelines

Macmillan rapid referral guidelines provide a summary of the NICE 2 week wait and Department of Health direct access referral guidance for each tumour type. They are useful as a quick access guide.

Local 2 week wait referral pro-forma and guidance

Local pro-forma have been developed by each of the Acute Trusts within the Network. These are based on the above and include contact details and locally specific information to give to the patient.