Portfolio of Research Trials and Studies in Anglia

West Anglia Cancer Research Network and Anglia East Cancer Research Network both collate information and data on clinical trials and other research studies in their respective parts of the network.

In order to make available Anglia-wide data on cancer research studies, AngCN provide a facilitating role in preparing single portfolio reports for each of the cancer tumour sites.  These reports are produced and circulated to the cancer tumour Site Specific Groups for each meeting.  

The Cancer Research Networks and AngCN will work with Site Specific Groups, and local Multi Disciplinary Teams, to ensure compliance with Peer Review Cancer Research Network Measures.  Each Site Specific Group should by now have a nominated Research Lead, responsible for ensuring that recruitment to clinical trials and other well designed studies is integrated into the function of the SSG.  With the same remit, each local Multi Disciplinary Team should also have a nominated Research Lead.  

In addition to site specific trials, the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre undertakes a series of Early Phase Trials (Phase 1).  For further information click this link.