Cancer services within AngCN are fortunate in having access to excellent support for cancer research activities throughout the network, provided by the NIHR Cancer Research Networks as well as the world-class academic cancer research facilities at Cambridge.

Cancer research is represented in many of the structures for developing strategy and decision-making within the Anglia Cancer Network. The Research Networks are active on the AngCN Board, the Strategy and Commissioning Group and most SSGs. This approach ensures research is embedded into clinical practice and also into the local processes of the Trusts in Anglia.

Anglia Cancer Network links to two Cancer Research Networks covering Anglia - Anglia East Cancer Research Network (AECRN) and West Anglia Cancer Research Network (WACRN). Both Research Networks are part of the National Cancer Research Network (NCRN) responsible for running clinical trials in cancer services. The NCRN is part of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

At AngCN we have a Research Liaison Facilitator to work directly with Cancer Research Network Managers from West Anglia Cancer Research Network and Anglia East Cancer Research Network. They are responsible for developing and maintaining up to date summaries of clinical trials across the Anglia region, reporting regularly to SSG groups and developing integrated reports to the Board.

For further information contact:

Allison Warr - Research Liaison Facilitator
Anglia Cancer Network  
01638 558591