Meet the team

  • Paul Watson,Chair AngCN

    Paul Watson, Chair AngCN

    Paul is the chair of the Anglia Cancer Network Board. NHS Suffolk provides hosting arrangements for the Network including finance, personnel and IT support.

  • Gareth Jones,Director

    Gareth Jones, Director

    Gareth has 29 years experience in the NHS in various managerial positions. He started his career in Yorkshire and has also worked in the West Midlands. He spent 16 years in Hertfordshire covering a variety of roles. These have included leading the Royston, Buntingford and Bishops Stortford PCT and more recently Director of Strategic Planning for the Hertfordshire PCTs where he was the architect of the major system reconfiguration “Delivery Quality Health Care for Hertfordshire”. He is currently on secondment to the East of England Strategic Health Authority where he is Head of Innovation. He is also responsible for planning the transition across the region leading up to the implementation of the new arrangements described in the White Paper “Equity and Excellent: Liberating the NHS”. Gareth has completed the East of England High Potential Executive Programme.

  • Dr Rory Harvey,Medical Director

    Dr Rory Harvey, Medical Director

    Rory provides clinical leadership on cancer issues within the Network Team and wider stakeholders. In his position as Medical Director he also offers clinical leadership and professional advice to the Network Board and its constituent organisations in the planning, commissioning, development and provision of cancer services to national quality standards. Rory is responsible for leadership of all the Network Site Specific Groups and for clinical excellence across the Network.

  • Tonia Dawson,Nurse Director

    Tonia Dawson, Nurse Director

    Tonia leads the strategic development of nursing across the Network to meet the objectives of the NHS Cancer Plan. She provides nursing leadership and professional advice to individual Trusts and commissioning groups, the Network team, site specific and cross-cutting groups and the Network Board. Part of her remit is to to ensure nursing issues are fully addressed in all aspects of service planning. Tonia also provides leadership for nursing, allied health professionals and service users, including workforce advice and planning. Another area of work is to help develop strong relationships between stakeholders and so encourage collaborative working in a challenging environment.

  • Mary Emurla,Associate Director and Programme Manager

    Mary Emurla, Associate Director and Programme Manager

    Mary has a background in general nursing, service improvement and programme and project management and is jointly responsible with the Network Director, Medical Director and Nurse Director for the development and delivery of a programme of work to enable the commissioning of high quality, efficient and cost effective cancer services across the region. Mary manages a team of project managers and co-ordinates strategic projects across the region through engagement with NHS Trusts, clinical teams, commissioners and primary care professionals. She is also responsible for a programme of peer review of cancer services aimed at ensuring these services meet nationally agreed standards.

  • Dr Gina Radford,Consultant in Public Health

    Dr Gina Radford, Consultant in Public Health

    Gina provides part-time support to the Anglia Cancer Network but works in the main as a Public Health Consultant in NHS Cambridgeshire. Gina is providing public health leadership for the Network's early diagnosis and cancer awareness workstreams. Gina has established a group of interested public health specialists in each of the six PCTs in the Network to examine the public health issues for cancer in Anglia.

Project Managers

  • Louise Dale,Project Manager

    Louise Dale, Project Manager

    Louise's role involves working with cancer lead managers, commissioners and clinicians to deliver a range of service improvement projects consistent with the Cancer Reform Strategy. In addition to project work Louise also works closely with the Norfolk and Great Yarmouth and Waveney locality groups as well as offering support to several site specific groups; Breast, Paediatrics, Pancreatic, Sarcoma and Teenagers and Young Adults. She is also a project manager for the Community Cancer Nurses Pilot scheme

  • Gill Newbold,Project Manager

    Gill Newbold, Project Manager

    Gill is currently responsible for the development of Acute Oncology Services and the chemotherapy change programme, as well as providing project management support to the Gynaecology site specific group. Her work involves close collaboration with the Acute Trusts and commissioners to drive service improvement and change consistently across the Network.

  • James Perry,Project Manager/Information Analyst

    James Perry, Project Manager/Information Analyst

    James is responsible for managing a number of projects relating to the NAEDI/LAEDI initiatives on early awareness and diagnosis of cancer. He is also concerned with Primary Care engagement and education. In addition to project management, James has a particular focus on information analysis and will be working to implement the Network’s information management strategy. This work will bring benefits by improving access to cancer information and ensuring projects have ready access to the evidence they need for success.

  • Sarah Steele,Project Manager

    Sarah Steele, Project Manager

    Sarah is responsible for the delivery of a range of service improvement projects consistent with delivering the Cancer Reform Strategy.
    Current work includes the implementation of national guidance for liver metastases patients; a project to further develop the working of multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) who are the primary mechanism for planning the care of individual patients; and a project to migrate the Network’s MDT Videoconferencing from ISDN to IP.
    In addition, Sarah offers support to the Pancreatic, Upper GI, Urology and Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression site specific groups, and to the Palliative and End of Life Care cross-cutting group

  • Matthew Small,Pharmacy Support

    Matthew Small, Pharmacy Support

    Matthew is Chair of the AngCN Oncology Pharmacy Group and provides professional leadership, advice and strategic direction for oncology pharmacy services in the Anglia Cancer Network.

  • Justine Thompson,Patient and User Group Facilitator

    Justine Thompson, Patient and User Group Facilitator

    Justine works closely with cancer patients and carers to ensure their voices are heard in the delivery and improvement of cancer services across the Network. To this end she supports and works with the Network’s Patient Partnership Group and locality cancer services user groups across Anglia. Justine is also the first point of contact for the patient and carer representatives on the Network’s site specific and cross cutting groups. She works closely with the Nurse Director to offer strategic leadership on user issues to the Network team and Board.

  • Sally Donaghey,Project Lead Rehabilitation

    Sally Donaghey, Project Lead Rehabilitation

    Sally joined the Anglia Cancer Network team in July 2011. She is responsible for supporting the development of rehabilitation services for cancer patients. Sally works closely with Allied Health Professional colleagues, the Rehabilitation Steering Group, the wider Network team and service users to promote awareness, knowledge and raise the profile of cancer rehabilitation and AHPs both across the Network and nationally. She is a Therapy Radiographer by profession, and has previously worked in both the acute sector and in research/clinical trials. In June 2012 Sally also took on responsibility for some projects under the Survivorship umbrella.

  • Annie Hallett,Project Lead Complementary Therapies and Psychological Support Lead

    Annie Hallett, Project Lead Complementary Therapies and Psychological Support Lead

    Annie’s role is to implement national strategy related to psychological support and complementary therapies, to provide leadership and guidance on related issues and to work in partnership with colleagues across the Network to achieve this. A nurse by background, Annie was one of the pioneers in integrating Complementary Therapies into the NHS. She has lectured and taught nationally and internationally, was a committee member of the RCN Complementary Therapies Forum and both an expert advisor and contributor to the National Guidelines for Complementary Therapies in Supportive and Palliative Care. She also has many years of experience in counselling, including bereavement support in the cancer and palliative care setting, and set up the counselling Service at Ipswich Hospital. In addition to her Network role, Annie is a Facilitator for the Advanced Communication Skills for Senior Health Care Professionals National Programme and runs numerous workshops.

  • Gill Read,Project Lead Survivorship

    Gill Read, Project Lead Survivorship

    Profile to follow

Programme Office and Administrative Team

  • Anne Emmett,Programme Quality Manager

    Anne Emmett, Programme Quality Manager

    Anne comes from a general management background in industry, having worked at senior level in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Scientific Supplies industries, amongst others, in a portfolio career. Her role at the Network is to develop, manage and maintain systems to ensure uniformity and quality in all the Network programme documents, and to ensure compliance to all appropriate standards. She also implements processes to control network documents, data and audits, and undertakes quality assurance (QA) of the action planning and implementation of IOGs, Peer Review Measures, for which she is Network Lead, and other national guidance. Anne acts as a resource to staff to provide QA support and facilitate a QA forum for all sites delivering cancer services within the Network, for discussion of process, documentation and audit issues. Part of her remit is also to liaise with other Cancer Networks, and appropriate QA groups nationally, to ensure effective implementation of the Quality Assurance programme.
    During this time of change for the Networks Anne is also taking on temporary support of the Skin SSG.

  • Julie Taylor,Network Business Manager

    Julie Taylor, Network Business Manager

    Julie’s (Jooles’) role is to manage and set the strategic direction for the provision of comprehensive, confidential and high quality administrative and financial support to the Anglia Cancer Network and its Executive Team. A key element of this role includes administrative support to the Network Board. Part of her remit is to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of the admin office and team.

  • Gemma Emsden,Group and Project Support Officer

    Gemma Emsden, Group and Project Support Officer

    Gemma’s role involves providing proactive admin support to Network site specific & cross cutting groups, assisting with meetings, audits and Peer Review issues. Groups she has involvement in are: Haematology (incl Lymphoma and Leukaemia/Myeloma subgroups); Paediatric; TYA; Urology; Chemotherapy (incl Chemo Board, SACT and Oncology Pharmacists subgroups); Supportive and Palliative Care; Rehabilitation Group; Psychological Support Group.

  • Chris Lewis,Group and Project Support Officer

    Chris Lewis, Group and Project Support Officer

    Chris also provides proactive administrative support to Network site specific & cross cutting groups, assisting with meetings, audits and Peer Review issues. Chris works at the Network 27 hours per week and supports the following groups: Breast; Pancreatic; Radiotherapy CCG and Board; Upper GI

  • Allison Warr,Research Liaison Facilitator

    Allison Warr, Research Liaison Facilitator

    Allison assists in developing a regional approach to cancer research, working directly with Cancer Research Network Managers from West Anglia Cancer Research Network and Anglia East Cancer Research Network. She is responsible for developing and maintaining up-to-date summaries of clinical trials across the Anglia region, reporting regularly to Network site specific and cross cutting groups and developing integrated reports for the Board. Her work has particular regard to improving participation in, and facilitating equity of access to, clinical research across the region. Allison works at the Network 22 hours a week.

  • Neeta Masih,Business Support Officer to Network Directors

    Neeta Masih, Business Support Officer to Network Directors

    Neeta provides secretarial and administrative support to the Network Director and Associate Director/Programme Manager. She also supports the Provider Development Group and Team Meetings. Neeta’s remit includes organising other meetings and events such as WebEx and teleconferences. Neeta trained as a Legal Assistant before transferring her PA skills to her current role.

  • Jocelyn Whittle,Admin Support Officer - End of Life

    Jocelyn Whittle, Admin Support Officer - End of Life

    Jocelyn supports the Network on the End of Life Care Educators project, takings bookings and organising workshops and meetings, as well as providing a full administrative service to the End of Life Care Facilitators. Her role has recently been expanded to include support to the two End of Life Care GP Educator Facilitators. Both programmes aim to pull together best practice for people at the end of their lives. Jocelyn is also a group and project support officer for the Palliative and End of Life Care cross cutting group, which involves providing proactive admin support and assistance with Peer Review issues.

  • Liz Wilson,PA to Nurse Director

    Liz Wilson, PA to Nurse Director

    Liz's key role is to support Tonia Dawson, Nurse Director, and the Nursing Groups.

  • Paula Anderson,Groups and Project Support Officer

    Paula Anderson, Groups and Project Support Officer

    Paula provides administrative support for the Acute Oncology Groups, Chemotherapy, Network Oncology Pharmacists Group, Commissioners, Palliative and End of Life Care.